Welcome to KMJ Diecast, you have found one of the best Hot Wheels sites in the world. We do specialize in Hot Wheels.

  • The “K” is for Kirk – that’s me a Retired USAF / Federal Firefighter.
  • The “M” is for Melissa – my lovely daughter who I love much much more than she will ever know! Sorry you feel the way you do, I will never stop loving you no matter what you do.
  • The “J” is for Jonathon – my baby boy who has grown into a very fine young man. I love you Jon, wish we could be together more.

So “KMJ” is about all our kids, yours and mine. And here is just a tiny spot in the endless thing we call Cyberspace.

We hope you enjoy the our new site we created for all Hot Wheels Collectors here on Earth. We will gladly answer questions you have about Collecting, Buying, Selling, Trading, and/or Racing Hot Wheels.

I started this website in 1997 to show off my collection. I collect all types of Hot Wheels, my favorites are the 1955 Chevies like the Classic Nomad, the ’55 Chevy, the ’55 Chevy Panel, the 1955 Chevy Bel Air, and now the ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser (my current favorite!) – but I also collect the Deora, Deora II, Go Karts, Sharkruisers and any Chevrolet Truck.

So what you see is just part of my collection of over 40,000 Hot Wheels for sale at my price. Some will call me a scalper, so be it, I cannot change what a “HATER” thinks. I love Hot Wheels, I buy, sell, trade, race and customize! Selling “MY” collection is my choice, not yours. If it does not sell at my price then I get to keep it in my collection. I am not forcing anyone to purchase my Hot Wheels. And yes when I go to the store and find good Hot Wheels I will buy ALL of them I can, so call me a hoarder too. But I am very proud to say I have NEVER returned a Hot Wheels, never have and never will.

I would buy the Pink Beach Bomb in a heartbeat, if I had that kind of money! Now is the seller of the Pink Beach Bomb a scalper? Of Course not!!!

I have been collecting since my step-father (who worked at Mattel in Hawthorne and City of Industry) brought them home in 1967-1968. I even sold Hot Wheels at the La Mirada Swap Meet in Whittier, CA back in those days!

Growing up in SoCal in the late ’60s early ’70s was a thrill. Being right in the middle of the car culture and the beach culture was a great childhood. So now Hot Wheels is a firm connection for me to the California Car Culture of the ’60s & ’70s! My dad also knew people who worked at Mattel, Lenny (a designer at Mattel) was one of his best friends and the two of them would get into some crazy situations to say the least.

Why Shop our Online Store?

Because we have fair Prices when you consider the time & money it takes to go from store to store to find one or more Hot Wheels you have been searching forever for and you just can’t find it. Chances are I have it here or I can get it for you!

We do offer discounts to repeat buyers. We want you to be a repeat buyer & to tell others about our website & online store. We are happy to provide you with information we have about Hot Wheels.


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HW 2017 – Collector # None – HW Flames 3/10

– ’55 Chevy – Dark Olive Green – USA Card –
Kmart Exclusive 02/18/2017
HW 2017 – Collector # None – Night Burnerz 8/10 –
Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR – Matte Black –
USA Card – Kmart Exclusive 02/18/2017
HW 2017 – Collector # None – HW Hot Trucks 2/10
– Custom ’56 Ford Truck – Matte Sky Blue –
HW Steelie 8 Slot – USA Card –
Kmart Exclusive 02/18/2017
HW 2017 – Collector # None – HW Art Cars 8/10 –
COOL-ONE – Yellow – USA Card –
Kmart Exclusive 02/18/2017


KMJ Diecast is celebrating 20 years,
We have been selling online since 1997!

Remember that Coupon Codes work only when there is NO Storewide Sale and only people who read this Newsletter know about Coupons!
We continue to add new and old Hot Wheels to the store, as well as fixing our pictures and updating our listings. We are still working on the 2001 Mainlines and are about two thirds of the way through them. Keep an eye on our store if there is something you are looking for. 
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For those who read the entire Newsletter, if you want a Coupon Code that will get you 50% all the time, so that you do not have to wait for a Storewide Sale. All you need is at least 1 previous Order from KMJ Diecast. And email us at info@kmjdiecast.com and ask for the special Coupon Code. Once you have that Code please do not share it, but use whenever you like thru-out 2017, except during a Storewide Sale, when Coupons are turned off. We will see who is interested and actually reads the Newsletter. All you have to do is ask, you just might be surprised too!
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Happy Hot Wheels Hunting!