Not only do our Sales keep coming in, we purchased a few collections and more New Items have arrived!

You may have noticed we started selling other brands besides just Hot Wheels, oh Hot Wheels will be the mainstay of our site, but there are some really cool things out there being released by some of the other brands!
Check out these!

With all the orders coming in from all our great customers and with the Collections we just purchased and the New Stuff we got, out time has been very limited, hence the reason you have not seen a Newsletter for quite some time. We will try to do better and keep you updated with what is happening!
Checkout the
NEW Hot Wheels!

There is a lot more New Hot Wheels like ZAMACS, “J” Case Assortment, Cars from the 2017 Nationals and more. Not only new stuff, but lots and lots of older Hot Wheels which we have been adding daily and will continue to add them until they are all up for you to purchase!

In the last month we have sold over 1,000 Items and we have added even more, checkout the store to see all the new stuff!

As you can see we have been very busy and want to thank all you you for being such great customers! We are going to continue the 50% off Sale just for you!

KMJ Diecast is celebrating 20 years,
We have been selling Hot Wheels online since 1997! WOW 20 years sure went by fast!

Remember that Coupon Codes work only when there is NO Storewide Sale and only people who read this Newsletter know about Coupons!
We continue to add new and old Hot Wheels to the store, as well as fixing our pictures and updating our listings. We are still working on the 2001 Mainlines and are about two thirds of the way through them. Keep an eye on our store if there is something you are looking for. 
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For those who read the entire Newsletter, if you want a Coupon Code that will get you 50% all the time, so that you do not have to wait for a Storewide Sale. All you need is at least 1 previous Order from KMJ Diecast. And email us at and ask for the special Coupon Code. Once you have that Code please do not share it, but use whenever you like thru-out 2017, except during a Storewide Sale, when Coupons are turned off. We will see who is interested and actually reads the Newsletter. All you have to do is ask, you just might be surprised too!
Have Fun!
Happy Hot Wheels Hunting!